Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas and Hair Transplants

Use Prior to Transplant

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula dramatically improves the results of hair transplants. Having healthy donor hair is important for the success of a hair transplant. Using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula for three months before hair transplants allows for a better transplant by improving your existing hair and the health of your scalp.

Frequently, the transplanted hairs suffer trauma from being transplanted and will fall out before they grow back. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula reduces that risk because it makes the hairs stronger and thicker; and will speed the regrowth of the hair.  Patients who use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula before a transplant have more and thicker donor hair resulting in a stronger healthier transplant that yields more natural look.

Improving Your Transplant

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula can be used to maintain the results of the hair transplant by preventing future hair loss around the transplant. The most common forms of hair loss, male and female pattern baldness, worsen over time. Thus hair surrounding the transplant can become sparse, or even fall out completely. When you use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula after a transplant, you can improve the quality of the transplanted hair and grow thicker hair around the transplant.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula makes your transplants look more natural by increasing the thickness and density of the hair surrounding the transplant, allowing the newly transplanted hair to seamlessly blend with your existing hairline covering scars and creating a seamless hairline for a natural healthy appearance. Equally importantly, if you continue to use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, you can keep this natural appearance indefinitely, without further procedures.

Preventing The Need For More Transplants

When you use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, you can keep this natural appearance indefinitely, without further procedures. Using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas before and after a transplant is easier, safer, and more effective than repeatedly going under the knife.

Patients who have already had hair transplants deteriorate can also benefit from using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula. You can regrow the lost hair surrounding the transplant and even thicken it, restoring its natural look.

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