About 90% of Men Regrow Hair

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is the safest and most effective treatment for hair loss in men. Don’t miss those important events or hide from life because of your hair loss. We treat most forms of hair loss including:

  • the most common form, Male Pattern Balding, whether it is genetic or hormonal
  • hair loss caused by medications like anti-depressants and chemotherapy
  • hair loss caused by thyroid conditions
  • hair loss caused damage to the hair and scalp
  • hair loss caused dieting or surgery
  • hair loss caused by shaving, over styling or chemical use
  • even a combination of any of the above

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula improves the quality of the hair and the health of the follicle all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line, to regrow hair that is healthy and strong. This means that you will be able to have that healthy, thicker hair you always wanted.

In fact, you do not even need to be losing your hair to use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula.  If you have an important event like a wedding or graduation, had a bad hair cut or simply want, thicker, healthier hair, you can use the Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula to achieve these results.

You can also start using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula at the first sign of thinning or hair loss to restore your hair in just a few months, and then maintain it for the rest of your life.
Stop hair loss and thinning in its tracks. Regrow your hair thicker and healthier than ever before. Live your life and make those wonderful memories, while we take care of your hair.


Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is applied as a convenient and discreet hair spray so that no one will know you are using it. Just spray it on after your hair is styled and dry. It’s that easy! Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula does not mess up your hair style or weigh down your hair. No messy massaging, tedious rubbing, or endless waiting!!! Just spray and go!

Safely Regrow Your Hair in 6 Ways:

  1. Regrow hair all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line
  2. Grow hair faster, by increasing circulation to existing hairs and hair follicles
  3. Increases the length and thickness of your existing hair and the new hair you regrow
  4. Grow your hair longer, by increasing the duration of the growth cycle of the hair.
  5. Safely blocks DHT, the hormone associated with male pattern hair loss, and stops it from reaching your hair follicles, without the unwanted side effects of taking internal medications.
  6. Finally, and most importantly, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula repairs damaged and dying hair follicles and can even create new hair follicles by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle and the living layers of the scalp to heal themselves.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is a patented solution that allows you to regrow thick and healthy hair. No other product comes close!

There are two Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas designed for men, Dr. Lewenberg’s Original Formula for Men and Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula for Men. Both of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas allow you to regrow strong healthy hair, and not the weak temporary hair found with other treatments on the market. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, dry or oily, we have a solution for you. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas do not affect your internal hormone levels, or cause other unwanted side effects associated with some other treatments. This is your own natural hair, only thicker and fully!

Have Longer, Thicker, Fuller Beard in Half the Time

Growing facial hair can take a long time and look unseemly during the growing process. The hairs will grow in at different rates; leaving you with thinner patches or even bald spots. The good news is that Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula works on facial hair. You can grow your facial hair faster, thicker and evenly with Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula. You can also apply the Formula to areas that are growing in slower than others to fill in those unbecoming patches. You can also treat Alopecia Barbae, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss and/or bald patches in your beard or mustache area. Please contact us for the correct application of the Formula to these areas, as irritation is likely unless applied properly.

Have Longer, Thicker, Healthier Hair in Half the Time

Having a bad hair cut can hurt your self esteem.  Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula doubles the rate at which your hair grows.  That means you can grow out the bad cut faster allowing you to feel like yourself again.

If you shave, have dreadlocks or braids, perm, straighten, or color your hair, you have caused damage to your hair and the follicles. With repeated treatments, the damage will get worse causing the hair to break, fall out, or simply stop growing all together. What’s worse, if you are already genetically predisposed to losing your hair, these harsh treatments will actually hasten the onset and worsen your hair loss.

Repair that damage and regrow the hair that is breaking, falling out or simply stopped growing.

Thyroid Conditions

Increased or decreased thyroid activity can cause hair loss. Both hypothyroidism and some of the medications used to treat it can cause a condition known as Chronic Telogen Effluvium, where you have hair loss and fewer hairs growing back.  The same is true for hyperthyroidism and the medications used to treat it. Once your thyroid condition is under control, you can regrow your hair stronger, healthier and longer, more quickly with Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula.

Some people with thyroid conditions also suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, male pattern balding, due to family history of hair loss. Unfortunately, Chronic Telogen Effluvium can also hasten the onset of and worsen the effects of Androgenetic Alopecia.

Fortunately, Dr. Lewenberg has successfully treated patients with both conditions.