Recent Media Coverage

Our remarkably successful treatment has attracted positive worldwide television and print-media coverage.

While we only now fully understand the benefits of Dr. Lewenberg’s treatments, the results of the Formulas have received national attention for the last two decades. Magazines and newspapers including Details, Esquire, The Atlanta Journal of Health & Fitness, and The New York Post have reported on Dr. Lewenberg and his hair regrowth formulas.

Television stations around the world aired reports on the amazing results achieved by Dr. Lewenberg and his patients. These stories were seen in many of the nation’s largest markets, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago. The stories focus on the findings published in the highly respected international medical journal Advances in Therapy and the success of Dr. Lewenberg’s patients. They reported on the 90% success rate of all the patients who applied Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas four times a day in just 3 short months.

Several papers and online sources have run stories highlighting Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas’ success in treating hair loss by stimulating stem cells in hair follicles.
Here are a few:

-The National Women’s Review 
The Washington Sun
Modern Salon
-The Washington Inquirer
Asian Pages
-Hartford Inquirer
-Waterbury Inquirer
-New Haven Inquirer
-Bridgeport Inquirer
-Springfield Inquirer
Olmstead-Fairview Times
-The Tribune – 
-The Washington Informer
The New York Post
Manhattan Spirit
-The Tribune – 
-Two River Times
-Westlaker Times
-Lakewood News Times
–The Dallas News
Rocky Mountain News
-BlackStar News
-Fox KVU
-Fox 5 in Las Vegas
-CBS46 – Atlanta
The Florida Newspaper
-The Andover Townsman
-The Citizen
-The Evening Times
-The Daily Freeman
-Daily Gazette
-The Anniston Star
-The Springfield Observer
-The Northport Gazette
-The Daily Sentinel
North American Precis Syndicate
-Delta Discover
-Daily Mirror
-The Valley Herald
-The Wayne Independent
-The Daily News
-The Daily Herald
-The Valley News Dispatch
-The New York Post
-The Free Press
-The Arlington Heights Post
-The Daily Ledger
-The Courier News
-The Eagle Tribune
-Clay County Advocate-Press
-Great Bend Tribune
-Bulgarian Focus News
-Action Unlimited
-Steelville Star
-The Apache Junction News
-Stepping Out
-Paducah Post
-Fulton Journal
-Merrimac News Connection
-Wichita Family Magazine
-Denver Daily News
-Fairfax Chief
-South Bay’s Neighbor
-Bullard Banner


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