Applying Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas



Your Results depend on 4 critical factors:

1. These instructions are for the average user and may not be applicable to you. Please contact us, so we can tailor the treatment to your specific needs. Using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula improperly will reduce the Formula’s effectiveness and diminish your results.

2. The amount of Formula you use is important. You will use 8-10 sprays all over the scalp, with only 2-3 sprays per area, unless otherwise directed. You will be spraying the Formula from at least 10-12 inches (25-30cm) from your scalp. More than 2-3 sprays per area, or applying the Formula too close, can cause irritation and slow down your results.

3. How many times you apply the Formula is important. Regular application of the Formula 4 times per day, approximately every 4-5 hours, is essential for regrowth. Unless otherwise directed, anything less is considered maintenance. DO NOT add additional sprays to make up for less applications.

4. You must avoid scalp irritation. If you are experiencing any, even mild, suspend treatment and immediately contact us.



Take a set of before pictures and repeat every 3 months and send a copy to us.
We can tailor the treatment to your specific needs, but require a set of pictures to be able to do so. This set must include at least one picture of the front, top, back, right and left side. Make sure each picture is at least 1MB. You can email them to or mail them to us. This is a very important step and we cannot stress this enough. You should repeat this set every 3 months during the treatment. This allows for an objective evaluation to see how you are progressing

Shake bottle prior to application.

Apply only onto dry clean hair and use a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
Unless otherwise directed, you should wash your hair once daily or once every other day, with a gentle non-medicated, non-stimulating shampoo and separate conditioner (no 2-in-1s). If you normally wash your hair less frequently, contact us so we can discuss your best options to allow for absorption of the Formula without drying out your hair. Do not wash your hair or swim for one hour after application. Do not forget to dry your hair completely before applying the Formula.

Use a shampoo and separate conditioner that complement this treatment
While there are many good shampoos and conditioners available, not all are appropriate with the Treatment. Some can prevent absorption or interact with the Formula, slowing down results. Certain medicated shampoos and product lines, including Nioxin® and Nizoral®, can contribute to irritation. Dandruff shampoos like Head and Shoulders® and Selsun Blue® can stop the Formula from working. Products containing Salicylic Acid will cause irritation and are not supposed to be used with Tretinoin. Contact us to see if your shampoo and conditioner are appropriate. You must use a conditioner, as the Formula can make your hair and scalp drier. Using a conditioner can help maintain moisture in the scalp and prevent or lessen any irritation.

Unless otherwise directed, use 10 sprays all over your scalp per each application
We have found that for most patients, results are improved dramatically by using this amount.10 sprays are meant to cover your entire head and you may need less, if your hair loss is less extensive. Contact us to receive the proper amount you need for your needs. Do not use more than 2 or 3 sprays in any single area. If you experience any irritation, suspend treatment and contact us. The fine mist created by each spray will gradually work its way down to your scalp in a “time release” fashion at the optimal rate of absorption.

Always keep an adequate supply of Formula on hand.
Each bottle contains 360 sprays. At 10 sprays 4 times per day, you’ll need 10 bottles every 3 months. To prevent a lapse in treatment, please reorder with enough time to allow for shipping.

Apply the Formula at regular intervals, 4 times a day.
The Formula increases blood circulation to your scalp for about six hours. To provide maximum benefit throughout the day, apply the Formula every 4 to 5 hours. Your last application should be 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep. For example, apply the formula once in the morning, again at lunch, a third time when you get home from work, and finally a half-hour or hour before going to bed.

NOTE: Using fewer applications than directed will lead to slower results. You should not try to compensate for the reduced number of applications by using more than 12 sprays per application.

Hold the spray bottle AT LEAST 10-12 inches (25-30cm) from your scalp.
Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is designed as a safe and convenient hair spray. It is designed to be applied in this manner and changing application will only slow down results. SPRAY THE FORMULA. DO NOT RUB OR MASSAGE THE FORMULA INTO YOUR SCALP. With regular application, you will be growing fresh, young skin on your scalp, which may be more sensitive. Holding the spray bottle too close to your scalp will decrease the effectiveness of the Formula and increase the possibility of discomfort/irritation. Positioning the spray bottle at least 10 to 12 inches, or more, from your scalp allows some alcohol to evaporate and a more concentrated form of the medication to land on your hair and scalp.




Applying Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula to your Eyebrows, Beard or Mustache
When you apply Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula to your facial hair, please spray a cotton swab with the Formula and wait a minute. Run the Formula-dampened cotton swab across the eyebrows or bald spots on facial hair. Be very careful not to get the Formula into your eyes. If you do, wash your eyes out immediately with water or saline. Do not apply the Formula on to your eyelashes. Do not spray the Formula directly onto your face, as you will grow facial hair where you spray.

If you experience discomfort, itching, or burning, (even mild) suspend treatment and contact us
Remember that you are growing fresh skin on your scalp, which, temporarily, may be very sensitive.  It can become irritated if you massage, rub or scratch your scalp, if you hold the bottle too close to your scalp when you apply the Formula, or if you use any other hair loss products/shampoos on your scalp. Contact us and stop your treatment until the irritation has disappeared. Small changes make a huge difference in this treatment and we can help you achieve the results you want comfortably and effectively.  For instance, you might switch to Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula, if you were not already using it. The Improved Formula was designed for patients with sensitive skin, dry and/or curly hair.

Some hair styling products can slow down results. Contact us if you have a question about a product you are currently using to see if you can use it with Treatment.
Please indicate all products used on your hair, when your contact Dr. Lewenberg or his staff for help in preventing irritation or discomfort. Do not use gels, volumizers, leave-ins, wax, paste, or Moroccan oil or olive oil based products as these interfere with absorption of the formula slowing down your results. You can use mousse or hair spray.

Protect your scalp and hair from the sun.
The Formula makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Patients who have large areas of scalp exposed should apply sun block or wear a hat in the summer sun. Using a conditioner can help maintain moisture in the scalp and prevent or lessen any irritation. Do not use a shampoo or conditioner with Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids.

Coloring Your Hair while using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula
You can use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula if you dye or color your hair. However, do not apply Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula on the day that you color your hair to avoid irritation and to allow the dye to set. If you bleach your hair, suspend treatment for the day of the bleaching and the day afterwards to allow your scalp to heal.

Perms/straightening/Keratin treatments
Perms, straightening and keratin treatments can cause damage to the hair shaft and follicles. This can slow your results because you will be repeatedly damaging your hair.  You can still perm, straighten or use a keratin treatment while you are using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, but you need to suspend treatment for the day before the perm, straightening or keratin treatment, the day of the perm, straightening or keratin treatment and the day after the perm, straightening or keratin treatment, for a total of 3 days.  Please go as long as possible between perm, straightening or keratin treatment as possible to allow for the Formula to repair the damage to your hair follicles before you re-damage it.

You may benefit from weekly Oil treatment (s)
You may benefit from using a weekly oil treatment. Many of our patient’s have found that using one of the oils we recommend 1-3 times a week helps them see results faster and prevent and/or alleviate irritation. You can choose between Emu Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Almond. Do not use any other oil that is not listed above, as there are oils that can irritation. Make sure the oil is 100% pure, not mixed with other oils and in oil form (i.e. not cream or another form).

Apply 2-3 tablespoons of oil on your scalp and hair, root to tip, enough to cover your hair and scalp, but not enough to drip down. Apply on dry hair (i.e. not wet) and leave it on for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Wash it out with your shampoo and conditioner. This application will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the oil without the oil preventing absorption of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula.

 Please note: Emu Oil is the only oil that will not prevent the absorption of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, so you do not have to wash this oil out. You can also use more than one oil to mix and match. For example, use Emu Oil once a week and Grape Seed Oil once a week.

Periodic office check-ups, email and phone consultations are extremely important.
Your program includes FREE regular, examinations and consultations so we can identify early growth of new hair and adjust your treatment for maximum results. You have a team behind you to help you achieve the results you want. Contact us when you have a question to allow us to tailor the treatment to your individual needs.

We will take photographs for comparisons of your progress. If you cannot see us, have photos taken for comparison of results when you start and every 3 months thereafter. The photos should show the front, top, back, right side and left side of your head, and need to be at least 1 MB so that you can objectively evaluate the progress. Report the results to Dr. Lewenberg’s office.

Please note: Your privacy is guaranteed and covered by doctor-patient privilege. All pictures and communications will be kept confidential. It is your responsibility to arrange for a free consultation every three months. If you cannot visit our office, please contact us at least every three months to discuss your progress and with any questions or concerns you may have.

In evaluating your progress
You will see a reduction in hair loss. Then you will see that the hair that you already have will be thicker, fuller and grow faster. Then, you will see new hair growth. Look for new “baby hairs” that resist being pulled out as these hairs will grow to full length. This will indicate that you are well on your way to regrowing a strong healthy head of hair. Your hair will continue to grow at an accelerated rate as long as you continue to use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula.

Please note:  It is your responsibility to arrange for a free consultation every three months.  Call us in advance to schedule a convenient appointment. If you cannot visit our office, please call Dr. Lewenberg every three months to discuss your progress with any questions or concerns you may have.

Tips To Get The Best Possible Treatment

1. Apply the Formula from the correct distance. Use it like any other hair spray
Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is rejuvenating the skin on your head along with regrowing your hair.  There is some alcohol in the Formula and applying it from at least 10-12 inches (25-30 cm or more) allows the alcohol to evaporate and a more concentrated form of the medication to land on your hair and head.  The further away you hold the bottle, the better your results.

Try using a piece of paper since the long side is 11 inches as a measure of the minimum distance of how far you should be holding the bottle from your head. It is very common to hold your hand closer (especially in the back), but this can cause irritation and slower results, so always apply further away. Apply the Formula when you are looking in the mirror

2. Use a conditioner and apply it on your scalp and hair, root to tip)
You will need to use a conditioner so that your hair does not get too dry while using the Formula. Dry hair can lead to damaged hair and slower results and we want you to grow back strong, healthy hair. There are several light weight, volumizing conditioners on the market that will not weigh down your hair, but still provide you with the moisturize you need.

3. There is no need to spread your hair
Spreading your hair can lead to tiny cuts in the skin on your head and when you apply the Formula to open skin there is a greater chance of irritation. There is no need to spread your hair because the Formula will be absorbed through your hair shaft to the hair follicles. You want the Formula to land on your hair and scalp.

If you are combing over a particular area (using longer hair to cover a thinner or bald area) you should expose the bald area before spraying. Since these sparse or bald areas lack hair, you need to apply the formula from an even greater distance than with longer/thicker hair.

4.  Your last application should be about 30 minutes before you go to bed.
We want the Formula to be completely absorbed into your hair.  If you apply the Formula closer to bedtime, there is a chance of the Formula being absorbed by your pillow and then get on your face. The Formula will work where it is applied.

5.  The Formula will work where it is applied
If the Formula lands on a place where you do not want to grow hair, simply wash off with a damp paper towel.

6. Contact us
You have a whole team behind you who want to tailor the treatment to your needs so you get the best treatment. Simply call us 212-249-8800 or email us at

7.  This treatment should not cause any discomfort
If you are experiencing itching or burning (even mild) this is normally a sign of irritation. Little changes in application normally alleviate these. Simply email or call us and we can make sure you can use the Formula without irritation.

8.  Keep it simple
This treatment is simply spray and go. Application should not take more than a minute. If it is, contact us and we can change your routine.

Please remember, that Dr. Lewenberg or his staff will work with your to tailor the treatment to your needs and condition.


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