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Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is a patented topical solution that regrows thick, full, healthy hair.  Unlike Minoxidil alone, it works in 6 ways to safely and effectively regrow hair all over your scalp, including your frontal hair line, and, if needed, your eyebrows and beard.  In developing the Formula and individualized plans for each and every person using the Formula, Dr. Lewenberg has accomplished his goal:  a safe, effective, and convenient way to regrow and maintain hair.  Live your life and make those wonderful memories, while we take care of your hair.

Through his research, clinical studies, and over 30 years of private practice treating hair loss, Dr. Lewenberg developed his patented Formula that allows you to regrow thick and healthy hair. Dr. Lewenberg has successfully treated hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from all forms of hair loss. While each case is unique and the treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula has remained the tried-and-true product for the treatment of hair loss. No other product comes close!

Effectively Regrow Your Hair in 6 Ways:

  1. Unlike other topical treatments, the Formula repairs damaged and dying hair follicles and creates new hair follicles. Distinguishing itself from aggressive methods, such as hormone pills or surgery, the Formula achieves hair growth by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle and the living layers of the scalp.
  2. Unlike other topical treatments, the Formula regrows hair all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line!
  3. Increases the rate your hair grows almost twofold.
  4. Increase the length and thickness of your existing hair and the new hair you grow
  5. Safely blocks DHT, the hormone associated with male and female pattern hair loss, and stops it from reaching your hair follicles without the unwanted side effects of taking internal/oral medications/supplements.
  6. Reverses effects of Alopecia Areata: The Formula alters immune response to your scalp and hair follicles, repairing hair follicles.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula can repair damage to the hair follicles and scalp caused by internal factors like genetics, hormones, thyroid conditions and autoimmune conditions and external factors like medications, stress, diet and even cancer treatments.

Stop hair loss and thinning in its tracks. Regrow your hair thicker, longer and healthier than ever before. Live your life and make those wonderful memories, while we take care of your hair.


Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is unique in that it can safely reverse hair loss by healing hair follicles.  The Formula not only regrows your hair, but easily maintains it!  A topical treatment, the Formula regrows hair without the side effects found in people taking internal medications, such as pills.  These internal treatments, like pills, affect your hormone levels, which in turn affects a larger part of your body than desired.  Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula only works where it is applied and is safe for men, women and children.

The Formula is A SAFE AND CONVENIENT HAIR SPRAY, minimizing the risk of irritation.  

No other treatment works this way, especially plain Minoxidil (Rogaine®), which must be rubbed into your scalp, increasing the risk of irritation.  Just spray it on after your hair is styled and dry.  No one will know you have it on. It’s that easy and does not mess up your hair, make your hair wet, or weigh down your hair style.  No messy massaging, tedious rubbing, or endless waiting!!!  Application only takes a few seconds.  Just spray and go!

Individualized Treatment Plan

Unlike with other hair loss solutions, Dr. Lewenberg recognizes that not every individual has the same condition causing hair loss or is in the same stage of hair loss; therefore, not every person should have the same plan of action.  Dr. Lewenberg and his staff will work with you every step of the way.  We tailor the treatment to your individual needs and conditions to ensure optimal results.  For a free consultation, fill out our questionnaire below this will provide us with the information we need to better serve you!



Tretinoin is a safe and established medication that is FDA approved. In the Formula, tretinoin is used to optimize conditions for hair growth, while aiding in the absorption of minoxidil (see below).

Studies show that Tretinoin stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle and scalp, allowing them to repair the damaged hair follicles and surrounding structures. This reverses hair loss, allowing you to once again naturally grow strong, healthy, beautiful hair.

Tretinoin also reduces the production of and effects of DHT, the hormone associated with male and female pattern hair loss, responsible for 75% of hair loss in women and men.  Because the topical use of tretinoin affects the hair follicle and sebaceous (oil) gland, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula treats Androgenic Alopecia (hormonal hair loss) and Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic and hormonal hair loss) without the unwanted body-wide side effects of internal medications.

Tretinoin changes immune response which allows Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula to treat autoimmune conditions like Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis or Lupus. It also triples the absorption of minoxidil, the other main ingredient in Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas.


Minoxidil has been approved by the FDA as a safe and non-prescription treatment for hair loss.  Minoxidil increases blood flow, extends the growth cycle of the hair follicle, and stimulates hair growth, resulting in longer and thicker hair.

Minoxidil alone will not reverse damage that has already occurred and does not effectively absorb into the hair follicles and scalp.  Tretinoin solves these issues when properly combined with minoxidil.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula

In 2003, Dr. Lewenberg developed a Improved Formula for those who were unable to tolerate other solutions with Minoxidil, have an autoimmune condition, thyroid condition, dry hair, or those who have skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis. Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula was designed to reduce the occurrence of irritation and can successfully help people who were unable to have success other solutions.

Both Dr. Lewenberg’s Original Formula and Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula contain the same active ingredients. In addition, Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula contains a proprietary blend of natural herbal extracts to further reduce levels of DHT, the hormone associated with male and female pattern balding. While the Improved Formula is more potent in suppressing DHT, it does not cause the side effects associated with internal medications and is safe for women to use.

It is important to use the Formula that is designed for your hair type to get the best results. You will need to use Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula if you are or have one of the following:

  • Are African American
  • Have a thyroid condition
  • Have skin conditions like dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis
  • Have curly hair
  • Have dry hair
  • Have dry or sensitive skin
  • Have an oily scalp, but dry hair
  • Have an auto-immune condition like Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis or Lupus


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